Retail clothing stores must present inventory in a visually appealing way to make the most of their sales floor experience. Clothing merchandise should be organized so customers can shop easily. Also, when it comes to increasing sales by way of visual merchandising, your store must take full advantage of its add-on possibilities.

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When a customer walks into your clothing boutique, have on display the newest apparel, either folded neatly on tables, dressed onto mannequins or both. Other areas of your store should highlight top sellers such as denim or basic tees, followed by complementary items. Set up your store in quadrants, with similar items grouped together in each section. Keep shorter racks in the middle of the store and taller ones near the back. A combination of racks, tables and mannequins gives the store character and adds another layer of visual appeal.

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A messy store can affect sales negatively. Disorganized clothing racks that are too full deter customers from shopping, trying on clothes and ultimately buying your merchandise. Make sure racks are spaced evenly, and group like items together. For example, place tees on a separate rack from pants or sweatshirts. If hangers can’t glide easily across the rack, wax the metal bar. Make sure each rack is visibly identified and sizes are well-marked.

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A pair of jeans or a tee can get lost in a large rack. Pull a garment and hang it on the outer hook of a straight rack. You can further merchandise the outfit with jewelry or a complementary piece of clothing. If your rack space has a glass top, merchandise half-mannequins on top of a rack with a complete look available at that same rack.

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Clothing stores should look full and inviting. Use the wall space to increase the visual appeal of clothing for sale. Walls are good areas to display jackets, sweatshirts and long coats. It’s also a smart place to highlight clothing or accessories that require front-face merchandising, such as bikinis or handbags. Any clutter will make your store look instantly messy, so keep the walls to no more than two stacked racks to avoid overcrowding.

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Because end caps are some of the most valuable real estate in retail, use these areas to feature the most beautiful or expensive clothing for sale. Avoid using end caps for extravagant displays, as a large mannequin or table can take away valuable space that can be used instead for accessories or other merchandise. Use end caps to merchandise a complete look for the best possible chance to add on to a customer’s purchase.